The Problem with Hollywood

We have had the Oscars. Ok. Have they made us better people to know what we may or may not have believed what is the BEST? Is  it a lottery? I believe so. It is in the end a popular vote. So does it fix the major problem with Hollywood studios? Nope. So many movies are churned out that have no social values, no message, no real honest dialogue and yet they are pushed as GREAT and HILARIOUSLY and the best Romantic Comedy ever. Vacuous horseshit with really, really bad screenwriters and writers that are full of cliches and sterotypes. Is that what we want? I don’t. I mean XXX The Return of Xander Cage is utter crap. Are we still wanting this type of movie with huge explosions, car chases, motorbike crazy stunts and really stupid dialogue just to appease some sort of weird idea that we love that that shit.


I hate warlocks

The rant begins …

What is a warlock? Some man in black dude with glowing eyes and has this uncanny ability to never get hurt, has unlimited magic and a nasty snarl, not to mention, the English accent. The male equivalent of a witch in Scots was known to be a warlock but this term is passe now. Warlocks tend to be associated with wizards, wtf? Waerloga is Old English for oathbreaker or deceiver. Now waerloga is more like it! The Old Norse is more akin to my liking. The manner in which Hollywood ruins great ideas/characters/stories/myths is a mystery to me. I know, big $$ drives the production companies, but just take a look at the recent output of fantasy movies. Where are they? We have Beauty and the Beast coming up. Cinderella a couple of years before was um, dull. With a name like Warlock, you want something badass but not immortal, you got to bleed, man.

Now let’s not get into that awful movie The Beautiful Creatures (2013) – that will get me going! Casters!!! What the… are you afraid of the word Witch?

Anyway warlocks suck. Maybe it should mean a male crazy hermit who is driven by his multiple personality disorder by lusting on war…

Chapter 10 and rolling along!

The time has come to shift. I am writing in the first person. Sometimes I shift into the past tense which drives me nuts. Anyway, past Chapter ten and punching along. Hard to find the time, will start getting up early so the household is peaceful. Writing the afternoon is a tad hard with the humidity and other distractions going on. No wonder writers find some lodge in the forest or on top of a mountain or even a holiday shack in the tropics, throw away technology and just bunker down. Anyway, we are all different. I am back to work on Friday which will give the mind an added juice of distractions. Not complaining though. All positive vibes.

The Indigo Lock Book 1

So I have my protagonist. She is called Priya. She is nineteen. She is an orphan, or so she thinks. It is in a United States divided by rising seas. New York, LA, San Fran – Florida – all major and minor coastal cities are under 350 feet of water. Priya roams Western America on a wisp of hope that one day she will understand why she has the power to speak any language and heal instantaneously.

So that’s my premise. Sound okay?

Day 4,507

The struggle to keep on track when writing is a tough one. Like a sports athlete you must have the discipline to focus your attention, block out life (so hard especially on holidays) and sit in the driver’s seat, stare down the screen and rock n roll.

Chapter 10 here  I come.

What dystopia interests you?

I have found after reading many articles and books on futuristic situations whether it be our Earth or another world that dystopia is a great way to explore our imaginations. Utopia, the opposite, is for a better word – paradise, a nirvana in which peace and love reigns. A habitable world full of hope and a prospering community (or communities). But seriously, does a utopia exist? Where would that be? I am not being negative but you have to be realistic. Look at our world – we do have places in the world where you could easily call utopia. But the dystopia is all around. Are we as humans prone to striving for the impossible only to fall short at the middle of row?

Here is a clanger – what if we found a Earth 2.0 that had taken a completely different path to us and there was no war, no strive, no disease, no famine, no rioting, no racial prejudice, no climate change, no over fishing, coral bleaching, no big business controlling our lives, no lies from the government?

How would we cope with that? Thoughts of the day, people. Care to share?

Share your ideas – writers

Anyone out there who is trying to write or has written stuff on dystopian worlds, fantasy or sci-fi themes and wants to share or even encouragement then drop me a line. I have been doing this for a long years. Time to show the world my writings, see if they are any good and have anyone want to help critique my world. Love to hear from you!